Mystique Madhura is a space that celebrates the fusion between India’s handloom and handicraft traditions with modern design. The propensity towards modernity has destroyed many weaving and craft techniques in India. At Mystique Madhura, the attempt is to give these crafts a global recognition. Mystique madhura ensures that every product created here is attractive enough to hold it’s identity against global fashion trends.

Mystique Madhura has realized that a store is no longer a physical space and so the virtual store is the best option to reach out to the people globally, one that is accessible to all .

This website tries to capture the spirit of the store and we hope that the images help you to make your choices with us. It is important for us to spread the beauty of Bengal and other states, and indeed India’s weaves to all corners of the globe. Designs, brands and styles from all over the world are making their way to India. Mystique Madhura hopes to re-introduce the beauty of Indian wear in contemporary styles and weaves back to your wardrobe.

We are all about promoting a new vision : ‘Designed, Handwoven and Made in India’ . Here we offer beautifully designed and curated clothes that are modern, clean, natural, fresh yet comfortable while encompassing all that is important to us, style, craftsmanship and the human touch. Our style is sophisticated, modern and simple – a kind of effortless intelligent chic that just works.

We are inspired by the work of village artisans, textile craftsmen and women, and we strive to support their rural cottage industry craftsmanship, ensuring that skills are passed on to future generations and they have a sustained income – we believe in a new vision .