Width: 43″
Yarn: 3 PLY
WEIGHT: 320 Gm

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“Garad” silk are weaved in the district “Murshidabad”, in West Bengal. The “Garad” means white i.e. the natural colour of mulberry or tussar. It is undyed and has its sacred importance. Ladies especially, Bengali women, wears a Garad Saree in some festive occasion or during “Puja – ceremony”. It is unbleached silk without dyeing weaved in handlooms .This pure silk is famous for its sacroscent and transiently quality.

Silk fabric used to weave Garad sarees is not dyed which keeps the purity factor of the fabric intact and therefore these sarees have a sacred importance to the women in Bengal. silk yarns a re woven close together which imparts the fine texture to the sarees.


Garad is considered as a coveted item and the natural color of the silk makes it an expensive outfit. Tracing back the history, one would fine that the kings and zamindars in ancient times used to drape themselves in this saree to perform religious ceremonies and rituals.

Saree is the most important product of Garad, is also used as the base material for stitched apparel like Garad silk kurti, Garad silk duapatta, Garad silk salwar, Garad silk stoles, Garad Silk Panjabi etc.

The quintessential Bengali saree, Garad or Gorod is distinguished by a plain red border on a white or off-white silk body, and is among the most popular sarees from Bengal. Variations of the traditional garad saree come with striped borders and fine motifs along the body. These pristine sarees are usually worn for pujas and religious ceremonies.

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Measurements: 6.3m x 1.16m

Color: Off white

Weight(Grams): 420

Material(S) : Garad

Care: Dry clean only.

Wash Care: Garad silk should preferably be dry cleaned or hand washed with mild detergent.


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